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Sorry I just had to do it…hahaha :)

Sorry I just had to do it…hahaha :)


Into The Woods | 2014 ()


Trailer: ‘Into the Woods' - Dec 25

Directed by Rob Marshall, written by James Lapine, starring Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, Lucy Punch, Christine Baranski, James Corden, Mackenzie Mauzy and Tracey Ullman.

How dare they not put any singing in this trailer. Looks like a lot of Disney magic and not much of anything else. Still the cast is reason enough to be excited.

…and he’s my iron man. 

*wink wink 


Meryl Streep | The Giver - B-Roll, 2014 ()

I just have a terrible ache. I miss her every day. I still can’t really believe it.

It was really quick. She got something, a sort of fast-moving staph infection. I mean, she was taking a trip with a bunch of her buddies, an then she got a headache, and a week later she was dead. She wasn’t even sick. It was horrible. Just horrible. I guess you can’t really say it’s a shock when somebody dies at 86, but it was. A complete shock. When Mom died, morality stepped in and woke me up. Time now seems short. She lived 86 years, and I knew her for 53 of them, and that was too short. So certain things seem more urgent - life and just all the issues of living happily seem to count more, to be more precious and more pressing.

-Meryl Streep on loosing  her mother and role model

"Well, I know I love mine. Yes, I saw `Heartburn` with Don. No, I didn’t once think to myself, ‘I wonder if he`s had an affair?’. I guess all I can say about marriage is that I think you have to look at it as sort of a muscular organism that you have to keep working out. To continue the workout analogy, you have to, as they say, ‘go for the burn.’ You have to work hard at it, exercising every part of it." — Meryl Streep, her thoughts on the institution of marriage (…)